Clare Hawkins

My novels are aimed at readers who relish well-written, engaging plots with strong elements of dramatic action and romance In addition, I hope that readers will be able to share in the emotional struggles of the characters, whilst appreciating an historical context where attitudes and beliefs offer both contrasts and resonances with those of today. My inspiration comes mostly from reading about the social history of different periods, but also from suggestions from friends! If you know of an historical topic, event or personage that deserves a fictional treatment, please let me know!

I hope you enjoy reading my novels and short stories. ‘The Bookbinder’s Daughter’, shortlisted for the Historical Novel Society’s International Award, is available to read HERE in instalments. My short stories with historical settings are also available to read on this site.

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Historical Novels

Lament for a Siege Town
The Salvaged Heart
Book Binder Daughter